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10 Years Capslockin'

Well, I promised myself I'd do this if it stayed alive this long, and I would have preferred to do it on JournalFen but that's so much Dust in the Wind, so:


(Give how freakin' melodramatic I was ten years ago, this is a total un-surprise to the five people who still care, I'm sure. Someone on Fandom Wank successfully called it even then. Looking back it's all very, "Really, self? Really?")
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Hannibal 2x03

Blowing a two-year layer of dust off this because I never got my DW up-and-running and I am turning into an ancient granny of the internet when it comes to making tumblr work for me, and I need somewhere to record this for posterity:

[Hannibal spoilers/predictions]So it's a guard, right?

3 points of evidence:
1: Will saying he felt as though the killer was with him when he exited the courtroom.
2: The sequence with Will dreaming watching himself perform a death sentence on himself. Will has this habit of dreaming himself as killers.
3. The stag unlocked Will's door and walked to what seems to be a guard's office or room of some sort... there's a locker there, I do believe.

I suppose being in an active fandom now I should try and find activity. I mean, my friendslist actually seems to have ten active people which is way more than I expected! But still kind of, um, sparse. Are there more people on DW? Am I going to have to wheel my walker over to tumblr and learn how to get with the hip young things?

This is what I get for missing the changeover.
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Korra 1.03

1: How much do I love this show? I haven't got words.

2: Collapse )

This is at least far more likely than my other theory: that Amon is the Seller of Cabbages.

3. Forget the ever-burning ship wars: the true OTP that the series creators will always give us is Small Fuzzy Companion animal/Large Fuzzy Companion animal.
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Writer's Block: Jumped the shark ; touched the fetus.

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?

For some reason a lot of the entries on this keep saying House, but that's very strange since we all know House was canned at the end of the second season on that cliff-hangery note, as FOX is wont to do with all unusual shows, as any Firefly or Brimstone fan can attest.

Of course, you never know: if FOX had kept, maybe what they would have done was made it stupider and stupider with each passing season, so as to suit the FOX standard of Televison That Drops Your IQ. Perhaps there would have been sincere storylines based on urban legends, or a plotline so utterly moronic that it concluded when a judge actually declared it too ridiculous to bother with, or maybe they would have replaced all the Ducklings with alternate Ducklings who would have to compete in a reality show, because hey! Viewers like reality shows, right? And maybe they would have gone on to titillate fandom in even more ridiculous ways, like making House an abused little boy who cuts himself while listening to emo Peter Gabriel songs before jumping off of balconies. And maybe a lot of these people remember that Firefly was actually canceled just in the nick of time, assuming you didn't want to watch an episode with gang-rape and death vaginas.

So maybe what these responses are all saying is we should be grateful that House was canceled after only two seasons (and that Heroes didn't even completely get that because of the writer's strike). I suppose I could roll with that.
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The Hitchcock Meme (As Seen Everywhere!)

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock
If I write fic--or if I painted pictures or did interpretive dance or whatever*--what do you immediately look for?

What interests me most is to see if there's any difference between my alphas, who have seen tens of thousands (and in one case, well into the three digits) of words that nobody else has.

* Feel free to pick your own favorite artform and tell me what I'd do. I'm playing Portal 2 cooperative just now, so if you actually guess something I do and have never mentioned, you will be awarded Science Collaboration Points.
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Who can resist a meme with Zombies?

Go look at your blog journal. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

Very, very fucked. Unless I get that crossover version--although I'd still have to deal with the cliquishness and there'd probably be some bizarre attempt to organize a festival for the shambling zombie hordes or something.
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Go-Go Babysitters!

This is all azarias's fault. We were talking, and she said something about how the Power Rangers got really cliquey after they became Rangers: they didn't hang out with people who weren't other Rangers or ex-Rangers, and when they did, they inevitably became Rangers. And I, my memory refreshed by reading poisonivory's recap posts, innocently asked "What, like the Baby-Sitter's Club?" and a terrible fusion/crossover was born.

And azarias hasn't even read the BSC, so she's completely escaped the fallout.

It all fits together rather disturbingly well. Angel Grove and Stoneybrook both occupy the same "No town I've ever known has actually worked like that" fictional existences, both groups do magnificently implausible "for the community!" projects, and the PSAs and morals that both series liked to give might as well have been purchased at the same shop. It's not so much an idea whose time has come as an idea whose time was fifteen or twenty years ago, but one who you still can't help looking on with a sort of nostalgic delight anyway. Very, very fuzzy nostalgic delight in my case, since Power Rangers was a show I watched when I was thirteen and BSC were books I gave up even before that.

I'm not wedded to most of these, because again, my memories are vague at best, but my present tentative line-up. It also lacks a few additional characters because I stopped reading before they were introduced/became members.

1. Kristy Thomas: Red Ranger

This was an easy one. Not only is she group leader, a position generally held by either Red or White, but she's easily the most physically aggressive and she already loves the color red itself, so her obligatory wardrobe redo wouldn't be very difficult. I think this one is a given.

2. Mary Anne Spier: Blue Ranger

This one took a fair bit of debate, but I think I'm happy with this. I seem to recall she liked the color pink, but I rewatched the original Power Rangers Pilot (I have suffered for my ideas), and Zordon described Blue as "Patient and Wise," which I think fits Mary Anne best.

3. Claudia Kishi: Purple Ranger

For a long time there was no Purple Ranger in any actual series, and thus Purple was the color of choice for Ranger Sues, but I don't think that's actually an argument against Claudia using it. I had initially thought Yellow ("Agile and Fearless" according to the Giant Glowing Exposition Head), but I've assigned that somewhere else now, so why not give Claudia the color that is her favorite anyway? Also, I could totally see Janine as Alpha/later series Billy, keeping crap actually functioning in the background.

4: Stacey McGill: Pink Ranger

Pink is "Graceful and Smart." More importantly, the first time the first Pink Ranger got into her Zord, she checked out the stereo. Also, my vague memories suggest to me Pink was always one of the more fashionable Rangers. I'm reasonably attached to this selection, but not in a way I can explain well.

5: Dawn Schafer: Green Ranger

I give Dawn Green for three reasons. One is that it's a bad pun on her "eco-healthy as seen by ghostwriters in the 80s who didn't research" lifestyle. The second is that the Green Ranger in the first series had an occasionally troubled relationship with the team, what with the evilness and all, and Dawn came in during a troubled time and eventually broke away to do her own gig in California, which is... nothing like being evil, but this is BSC we're talking about. The third is that when she went back to California, she totally became White Ranger and leader of her own team. This and Kristy are the assignments I like best.

6: Jessi Ramsey: Yellow Ranger

I had initially labeled Jessi as Black Ranger, because Zack, the first Black Ranger, fought evil with the power of Dance, and you just know so would Jessi. But even if the show went for the "Black Ranger is the only black team member" thing first, I'd just as soon not go there if there's a better choice. With the "Agile and Fearless" descriptor, I think Yellow is just that.

7: Mallory Pike: Black Ranger?

When I read these books in my distressingly long-ago prepubescent years, Mallory was my favorite, probably not coincidentally because I was 11 at the time myself. Now, however, I find I remember next to nothing about her aside from basic facts: huge family, drew, got mono that once. None of those especially help pick a Ranger color. But Black Ranger is tagged as "Clever and Brave," and I seem to remember that fitting okay, so there we go. Plus cheshireempress tells me that as much as she loves her, she feels Mallory got a lot of leftover plots, so there's a certain poetic justice to her getting the leftover Ranger color, if nothing else.

Further thoughts, anyone? I know I can't be the only person who is of the right age to have loved both these (objectively terrible, really) series.
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Writer's Block: Leaping from the page

Which comic book character would you like to see on the silver screen? Who would you cast to play the role?

This is one of those questions that really deserves an "in an ideal universe" or "under practical circumstances" modifier, because that really does make a difference.

For example, in an ideal universe, I'd love to see the Authority get the treatment that the Avengers movie is getting right now, with a series of lead-up movies. You've have your Jenny Sparks: Spirit of the 20th Century nostalgia piece a la the Captain America movie; the gritty, urban, tormented-male-lead Jack Hawksmoor: King of Cities movie; a Midnighter and Apollo movie about gay fugitive superheroes seeking revenge with flashbacks to the destruction of their team and the reason they're out for said revenge; and maybe even a Stormwatch movie tying some of the threads together before you got the proper Authority movie. (Much as I love Angie, her origin does not a movie by itself make*; nor does Shen or the Doctor's. Plus, a Jeroen origin-story-movie would be a little too Trainspotting for most people's tastes.) And in this ideal universe, I would cast Daniel Craig as Midnighter (azarias's idea) and Hrithik Roshan (six photos here; I could not pick) as Apollo, although I seldom fantasy-cast so thus ends my thoughts there.

In a practical sense, if I heard they were actually making an Authority movie or even a series of Authority movies or even just the Jenny Sparks movie, I would pale and start building a fallout shelter immediately. The Authority is pretty high on the list of topics I feel Hollywood would mutilate. And on a smaller note, while Daniel Craig as Midnighter actually isn't too completely far-fetched, Hrithik Roshan as Apollo is never going to happen.

However, still talking in practical terms, I, like many other people, have spent most of my time since the abortive Wonder Woman project going "Why didn't they just make a She-Hulk movie? I mean, everything they were describing that made no sense for Wonder Woman--the dual identities and their conflict, the eating ice cream and crying over men, the media influences, the Ally McBeal homages--all of those are Shulkie. But I have no idea who I'd cast to play her. Probably not the Hollywood-skinny type who would be bound to get it. (Personally, I cast Bipasha Basu for Wonder Woman--Bollywood has a remarkable number of actors and actresses who actually look like superheroes--but again, that abortive Wonder Woman project makes me think that an actual movie about her is still ideal-universe, not practical-universe.)

Also in the ideal universe, I'd love a JLI/Can't Believe it's Not the Justice League comedy/action movie, but again, with what Hollywood is putting out right now I just can't believe it would do well.

And I would love a really well-done Batgirl movie, or even just to have her inserted into the current ones--I think any Batgirl would adapt much better than the Robins to the Nolan-verse--but failing that, some time with Joel Schumacher and some very pointy heels would be equally therapeutic.

* What I would do is make Angie's backstory the trailer opening: you see a girl go to her high school guidance counselor and get asked, very bored, "And what are your plans post-graduation, Angela?" and she goes, "I'm going to be a superhero," and the counselor smiles, very clearly pained, and says something about how she's got some very nice pamphlets here for pre-med. And you see wee!Angie's eyes narrow, and then it cuts to some explosions and adult!Angie standing there in all her CGI chrome Engineer glory having just caused the explosions. Then you get snippits of the other characters. Never gonna happen in the real world, because of course everybody knows women can't be hooks for superhero movies unless they're being sexy.