Milkshake Butterfly (milkshake_b) wrote,
Milkshake Butterfly

Obviously in this version of the books Karrin Murphy gave Harry cooties.

Hot Yakuza/Sulky Minion Banter: Dresden/Marcone
A Harry Dresden/John Marcone comm for fic, art, conversation, or whatever

Some day I will belong to a fandom where the rest of the fandom and I are observably watching or reading the same source material. Today... is not that day. Seriously, what the hell?

ETA: It's not the pairing that bothers me here, it's the characterization. Not to mention... 'Yakuza'? Seriously?

Speaking of cooties, I seem to have plot ones. Poor azarias has spent the last two weeks crying on my shoulder about how the fanfic she's writing was just supposed to be a conversation about killing children and then some buttsex*, and instead she's got this big thing where even buying bread starts a digression about what bread means in their society and to them, personally. And she's not even doing research, since it would be a violation of the canon**. I'm trying to be sympathetic, but when she started complaining about how the sex scene turned out to be more than half them talking and not actually fucking, I may have pointed and laughed a little. MY PAIN, LET ME SHARE IT WITH YOU.

* It's for Spartucus: T&A B&S. If you know anything about the show at all, no further explanation is needed.
** See above.
Tags: dresden files, oh fandom why art thou, writing process
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