Milkshake Butterfly (milkshake_b) wrote,
Milkshake Butterfly

Name Change

Last week, while rattling around the internets as one does, I encountered a fic list that contained several of my stories. This is traditionally a happy moment for me, but as soon as I saw they were attributed to "m_butterfly", I found myself seriously glaring at the screen.

Now, I've never been wild about it as a username--it was chosen rather hastily and at random when I realized "butterfly" was taken, "milkshakebutterfly" didn't fit and "milk_butt" was just completely unacceptable in every way--and I was aware of a growing discontent with it for years*, but outright glaring at a fic listing just because they did the completely normal thing and used your LJ handle as your name? That's a pretty unmistakable sign that your handle has to go.

So yesterday I bought myself a present and here we are. (milkshakeb, also registered back when I was considering alternatives, was rejected because I didn't want to spend the rest of my fannish life wondering what a shakeb was.) I'm still unsure if I want to stick with Milkshake Butterfly on a whole, but since I've got no better alternatives I'm sticking with it for now.

Next up: anybody got any guides for getting used to/setting up Dreamwidth handy? I know there have to have been some.

* As well as a sense of apology to people who genuinely went by M. Butterfly or some close varient as their handle. Sorry, guys; I can't exactly give it back to you for your use, but at least now it doesn't automatically mean someone else. It's free on DW, anyway.
Tags: useful announcements
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