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Writer's Block: Jumped the shark ; touched the fetus.

Which television show continues to get worse every season and should just get cancelled already?

For some reason a lot of the entries on this keep saying House, but that's very strange since we all know House was canned at the end of the second season on that cliff-hangery note, as FOX is wont to do with all unusual shows, as any Firefly or Brimstone fan can attest.

Of course, you never know: if FOX had kept, maybe what they would have done was made it stupider and stupider with each passing season, so as to suit the FOX standard of Televison That Drops Your IQ. Perhaps there would have been sincere storylines based on urban legends, or a plotline so utterly moronic that it concluded when a judge actually declared it too ridiculous to bother with, or maybe they would have replaced all the Ducklings with alternate Ducklings who would have to compete in a reality show, because hey! Viewers like reality shows, right? And maybe they would have gone on to titillate fandom in even more ridiculous ways, like making House an abused little boy who cuts himself while listening to emo Peter Gabriel songs before jumping off of balconies. And maybe a lot of these people remember that Firefly was actually canceled just in the nick of time, assuming you didn't want to watch an episode with gang-rape and death vaginas.

So maybe what these responses are all saying is we should be grateful that House was canceled after only two seasons (and that Heroes didn't even completely get that because of the writer's strike). I suppose I could roll with that.
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