Milkshake Butterfly (milkshake_b) wrote,
Milkshake Butterfly

Korra 1.03

1: How much do I love this show? I haven't got words.

2: So just before Korra aired, I saw a theory that the Lion-Turtle at the end of AtLA was Koh the Face-Stealer and Spirit-Bending was going to destroy the world. Obviously by the time I ran across the idea it was right out--or so I thought at the time. But with this latest episode of Korra, I'm thinking there might be at least a little something to it.

Think about it: a guy with no face mentions that he's been talking to the Spirit World and they've given him the ability to take away bending. And not only did Koh hate the Avatar, he hated the last water-bending Avatar in particular.

This is at least far more likely than my other theory: that Amon is the Seller of Cabbages.

3. Forget the ever-burning ship wars: the true OTP that the series creators will always give us is Small Fuzzy Companion animal/Large Fuzzy Companion animal.
Tags: atla
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