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Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars: A Summary

The second-to-last main franchise offering from producer/writer Russel T. Davies*, The Waters of Mars Collapse )

ETA: Heavier spoilers in comments.

* AKA "Rusty" "Rusty >:(" and "Oh thank god you're going don't let the door hit you on the ass AND TAKE YOUR SLOW-MOTION VAGUE WAILING WITH YOU, I'm serious, don't you dare leave that where Moffett can pick it up!"
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Help me decide something, would you?

Poll #1485472 Underscores: Y/N?

Underscores in unsernames are:

Fine whenever.
Fine as long as they're not at the beginning or end. ( _usernamewastaken_)
Fine if they're separating words. (there_act vs the_react vs thereact)
Okay if they're separating words but still kind of dumb.
Okay only if the separated words are confusable as something else. (thereact vs tbananas)
Never okay.
Something else I shall explain in the comments.

Dreamwidth usernames should:

Take advantage of the greater character limit and be as long as you like.
Stick around LJ-length, although a couple of characters longer is fine.
Be the exact same as your LJ username, because anything else is confusing.
Who cares?
See me after class in the comments.


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Because saying "YOUR pairing was nowhere near as good as MINE!" never gets old.

From the Due South fanwiki, emphasis mine:
"Due South was originally a made-for-TV movie on CBS [...]. The show was canceled in 1996 due to low ratings, with the final episode airing in Canada in May of 1996.

A year later, they resurrected some of the cast and crew to create the 1997-1999 spin-off. While many of the cast from the original show returned, they were unable to secure David Marciano to continue his role as Ray Vecchio. The ratings never lived up to the producers hopes, and the spin-off was canceled after 26 episodes.

In the spin-off series, Benton Fraser [...] accepts his new partner, and with his deaf wolf Diefenbaker in tow, the two join together to battle crime. They never quite mastered the chemistry that Paul Gross had with David Marciano in the original series, but the two performed quite well off each other.

There is often confusion as to whether the 26 episodes with Callum Keith Rennie are part of the original series with David Marciano, because the two series were combined and presented together in the United States as one series with three seasons, and later distributed as four seasons on DVD."

Page created November 19, 2008, last edited the 26th of the same month.

God bless you determined little OTPers, continuing the Ray wars ten years after the cancellation of your show. Never say die! Viva la resistance! The South will rise again! Experimental hair will be banned from the Yukon! Everybody party!

(My favorite bit might just be that last paragraph. It's one of the failier attempt to 'prove' an argument I've seen in a long while. It's that extra touch of condescension that does it. "You may THINK it's not a spin-off, but you're wrong. Lots of people make that mistake, so that proves just how wrong you are." Somehow I think I might go with the wiki that insists on attribution instead, for some reason.)
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Clan Denial, Represent!

If I could only pick one thing to illustrate how fandom had changed over the years, it would probably be how when I got into fandom, a much-hated canon event/episode/arc was responded to with "Let's write fic/make groups to fix it, goddammit!" and now a much-hated canon event/episode/arc is responded to with "I will never write fic again/this fandom is over and dead!"

ETA: Comments now contain Torchwood spoilers, although it's mostly That Big One you've probably already been ruined for unless you're very good at avoiding or very lucky.
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Caution: Bondage, Spanking, Heffalumps

There's something I actually do want to say wrt: the BDSM arguments that have sprung up (IE: "Having to Warn for BDSM is saying my kink is the same thing as rape and murder!"):

There are three words considered the commandments of the BDSM scene: Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

That last one is what's at stake here. No one who is doing a scene right goes into it without checking for the safety of the people involved, for their comfort level and what they can handle. All anyone is asking is for writers to do the same thing: to extend readers of their fics the courtesy they would to a sub or dom they were playing with by allowing that other party to know what they're getting into, so that they don't wind up in a situation they can't handle or don't want. Even people into BDSM can find elements of it disturbing, because no one is going to be into all aspects; if you're into putting someone in a hood and whipping them but the other person only likes D/s power-play with mild bondage, you need to know that before you get seriously involved, and that's all warning for BDSM activities is doing. And if you find the term "warning" to be offensive, "Note: contains BDSM" works just as well. (This is not the time to get into my pet gripe that cautions for BDSM should always have a colon after them specifying which sort of BDSM because of how broad a category BDSM covers, not when apparently there's an argument over whether there should people should indicate for any of it at all.)

I'm frankly astounded anyone within the BDSM Scene has a problem with this in the first place--to be sure, those words and that concept are the ideal and in day-to-day BDSM don't always happen, but it's still an enshrined tenant of the whole culture.
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Make Your Own Joke About Henhouses

I keep seeing things lately that remind me of fandom's fine case of "you only feel that way because you're pathetic and weak" mentality. It's nothing new--"You're only demanding warnings/ratings because you're too easily upset" has been done at least three times before on LJ that I can think of, and I remember it once back in mailing list days, too, and I've lost count of the times we've done "If you weren't such a coward/sad little girl, you wouldn't feel bad about/try to stop your fic from getting MSTied/mocked/'critically analyzed'/run over by a bulldozer and set on fire"--but it seems to slowly escalate with each reiteration, and this time it's unusually strident. I look forward to the "eChicken" application that is being developed so these arguments can end as they properly should, with the one side clucking derisively at the other.

(You know, come to think of it, I remember a version of this argument back in my message board RP days, and when the entire group decided that warnings were good and necessary, one of the players started all of his posts ever after with something like "WARNING: innocent birds are killed, stripped of their protective plumage, impaled on two sticks and placed over a fire, then dismembered and savagely consumed. Souls sensitive to such desecration need not apply." Every. Post.

Since he was the one whose RP post prompted the argument in the first place, I believe there's another school days term for this: Sore Loser.)

As for the other unique points of this go-round, I'm not sure I even want to touch on that; I'm not in the mood for yet more "my minority is more valid than your minority" wank.

(Confused about what I'm talking about? Go here. Warning: May Induce Rage)
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"Star Trek 2009"? We couldn't come up with anything better?

Collapse )

I was entertained. I don't regret paying that movie price. But everyone who assured me it was more than an entertaining big dumb shiny movie was seeing something I didn't. (Of course, this movie being what it is, people will be arguing about it one way or another for the next ten years at the very least.)

On the other hand, Karl Urban as McCoy was genuinely freaking amazing, and Old Spock was awesome even if what he was saying appeared to be straight rough-draft notes*.

* In another bit of annoyance, I know they weren't, because it turns out there's a novel and graphic novel series explaining the backstory to this movie, following that trend that drives me crazier every time it happens. People, is it really so damned hard to put integral pieces of story in your main product?
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The traditional solution when you feel like posting and actual content is eluding you.

From azarias & sainfoin_fields:

Give me a fandom and I'll tell you my:

1. one true pairing ship
2. canon ship
3. "If this happens I'll stab my eyes out with a spork" ship
4. "You are one sick bastard" ship
5. "I dabble a little" ship
6. "It's like a car crash" ship
7. "Tickles my fancy but not sold just yet" ship
8. "Makes no canon sense but why the Hell not" ship
9. "Everyone else loves it but I just don't feel it" ship

You all should have a pretty good feel of what I pay attention to enough to do this by now. (Also, I'm interpreting #6 as "horrifying yet fascinating" for the record.)
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I Foresee Purple Leopard Print in Your Future

For a while now I've been contemplating doing a semi-regular pimping post series (it would have to be semi, with me) to keep me in the habit of posting, if nothing else, and also because one night I determined I was the only person online on my Buddy List who had read Lois McMaster Bujold, and that's just wrong. So I finally set down a bunch of things that I'd be interested in talking about at length, and now I'm doing a poll to see what people would be interested in, although I may end up disregarding that as whim takes me.

There's a lot of stuff I follow that's not on here, mostly because I don't follow it intently enough to consider myself qualified to pimp it, like, say, Runaways (or honestly most comics I read). I'm intending these to be reasonably in-depth discussions of both the strengths and the weaknesses of each thing, so "I really enjoyed the first five trades of JMS's Spider-Man run...." isn't really going to cut it. I'm also pretty sure I've forgotten something, but this isn't exactly a major commitment, so I'll cope.

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